Mott Street

CANDAMILL Seasonal Concept Store


Candamill’s imaginative approach to retail is through an immersive art installation designed to celebrate two single handbags. The immersive installation titled WASTED SPACE is a simulated landscape environment brought to life through organic materials juxtaposed with state of the art light and sound design. 

The concept evokes an extended window display that consumes the entire ground floor at 277 Mott Street. WASTED SPACE serves as a conversation piece spotlighting the brick and mortar retail store’s purpose in the fashion industry today. WASTED SPACE is viewed at street level and fully experienced by appointment only. 


Open: Nov 7th 2022 - Jan 13th 2023

Location: 277 Mott Street, NY, NY 10012

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm 

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